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Terms of Usage

Please read these items carefully. If you agree, you are welcome to register and use the Networking facilities of the web site.

Purpose - The purpose of the Council and the networking system is to facilitate contact between people in the reform effort who share both a common goal and methods necessary to achieve real reform. To promote a useful discussion between members and provide an easy means of keeping up with events.

Shared Goal / Membership requirements - Anyone can register and have MONITOR status at the web site. FULL site usage is limited to MEMBERS -- those people who share a common goal of protecting Family Rights. All MEMBERS of the Leadership Council share these core beliefs:

  • BOTH biological parents have a right to know they have a child.
  • BOTH parents are presumed FIT & EQUAL (in terms of both physical and legal custody of their children).
  • If anyone (a spouse, relative, or Child Protective "services") wishes to challenge that, you have a right to speedy trial, counsel, and the protection of a criminal jury and a unanimous verdict.

    The "state" needs to prove you were a demonstrated serious and intentional threat to your child's safety and acted with malintent.

  • A child has a right to EQUAL contact with BOTH parents.

    A child does NOT have a right to pick a preferred parent. A child does NOT have a right to parents who always act in the child's best interest. Sound strange?, click here.

  • In our discussions with ourselves and our public actions, all should be treated with dignity, respect and compassion. We can condemn injustice without malice.

    We support those who are willing to participate in NonViolent Action and risk arrest/jail in peaceful demonstrations.

  • We identify ourselves as 'parents' seeking reform. Our issue is family rights and the ability to raise & nuture our own child free of government interference.

    Our primary focus is NOT men's rights or women's rights or child support reform.

Content of Postings/Messages - No insults or 'flames' are allowed against other members. If misuse is suspected, please alert system administrators through the support page.

No anonymous usage - You MUST use your real personal information during signup and as a member.

Personal Privacy - Your contact information or Private Info will not be released to anyone without your consent. You may delete your profile at any time and delete any postings or comments you have made at any time. If you delete your membership, any BLOGs you own will be deleted along with Postings made by you on group blogs. If you have made BLOG comments or sent messages to other members. They will be retained in the system, but the attribute will just show "Guest" and not your info.

Group Privacy - Public BLOG exchanges within the PLC are shareable with other non members. Messages sent between members using the system should be treated as confidential. The system support private BLOGs and any information posted there should not be released outside the PLC.

Not another mailing list - This is not a mailing list or broadcast message service. Please use the Messaging and Bulletin board systems with restraint. If you have any questions on usage, please contact administrators via the support page.

No commercial use - no advertising or business usage.


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