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This really would be BEST for the child!
Blog owned by John Murtari

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2009-01-06 08:29:32 by John Murtari

This is a tough one, but none of has a right to what is BEST for us,
or to expect that from anyone, friend or family.  Yes, we would all
like that to happen, but when you say 'right', you are talking about
something that should be enforced....

Family relationships are special, they grow and change over time.
Mistakes happen and we can learn from them.  To allow the 'state'
to impose its determination of what is BEST is a gross intrusion.

As we each review our own lives, I didn't always get what was
BEST for me from my parents -- but I would not trade that for the
decision of a Judge, School Counselor, or Psychologist....

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2009-01-10 14:15:58 by Mary Doe

It sounds good. I'm not too sure that people are going to understand the part about a child not having the right to parents who act in the child's best interest.

I know what you mean, but it sounds a little harsh for those who don't know you and your philosophy. I think it needs to either be reworded or explained
2009-01-12 13:07:59 by John Murtari

Thanks for taking the time to write.  The quote is quite
accurate and reflects reality.  I had two parents who loved me very
much, did they always do what was best for me - no.  Did I have a
'right' to that as a kid - no.  That is just part of life.  Once we
begin to make that a 'right', it's a reason for government to

Obviously, any smoking parents should lose their kids right
away?  Any obese parents who aren't controlling the weights of their
obese kids should lose their kids?, etc.....

I do quite agree that parents decide what is best
for their family (them and their kids) -- not the government.
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